Scoops and Cones

Don't you hate when you are looking for something and you can't find it??? 

Or you find it and it's the design you want but not the skill you are teaching??

It's happened to me more often than I would like, so I decided to create my own blank customizable sets of different things that I could use for a variety of lessons and skills and centers.

The other day we were working on contractions and using Contraction Jack, a center activity I found on TpT from the blog Sassy in Second. It was so cute and the kids loved it!! Anyway, I needed something to continue practicing and since we are in November now I had brainstorms of turkeys and feathers and Thanksgiving dinner and macaroni and cheese but I still wanted something that I could use throughout the year and not be specifically themed.

So I decided to make my own customizable and programmable center pieces.  For my first one, I created ice cream scoops, cones, and bowls using The Print Shop 3.0. I used the shapes creator to put the scoops together (they are made of circles and hearts!) and in the clip art files I found the cones and bowls. I made chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, sherbet, lime, mango, etc. scoops for all to enjoy!!

This is the first of many (I hope!) to come. I thought of lots of different things for which I could use ice cream scoops and cones.

Here's just a few ideas:
-number decompositions
-rewards in classroom
-different ways to show numbers

The last on there I will be posting as a center game shortly. I will also post my Ice Cream Contractions game after I tidy it up a little. 

 Hope these can help you and inspire you to be creative!!!


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