Classroom Reveal 2018! Fun and Freebies!

Wow this year has come upon us so quickly!! It seems like just yesterday I was waving goodbye to the kiddos and telling them to have a happy summer. And here we are now-year 13. Without further ado, I give you my Pina Colada Pineapple Classroom!

My classroom this year makes me so happy when I walk in! It's bright and sunshiney and I'm kicking myself for not doing a pink theme sooner!

It all started when I saw a bright picture on my Instagram feed from Schoolgirl Style. It was of an amazingly colorful calendar and I stopped and immediately purchased the full set right then and there. Schoolgirl Style Pina Colada Pineapple was absolutely what I was looking for even though I didn't realize it! 

There are so many adorable little accents in this collection that I'm going to enjoy summer every day this year. 

This rug is the softest thing ever. Found it on Amazon for super cheap! The pillow forms are from Ikea and the yellow, pink, and blue covers are also from Amazon. 

I had to sneak in a picture of Chip! He came to school to help me set up practically everyday!
Without opposable thumbs, he couldn't do much but he did look cute!! 

Yes I have a so extra and hot mess drawer. Because everyone needs these. 

The fridge I covered with hot pink contact paper. It's super old but works wonderfully so I printed out some of the cutouts from the Pina Colada Pineapple collection and adorned it with them. 

I'm hoping to change up the saying on this board every few days. I have some that I think are hilarious. We shall see what the kiddos think!
The cabinet drawers are covered in pink contact paper, too!

The name banner is also from Schoolgirl Style's collection. I have an idea for hiding mt storage up there but it hasn't made it to my classroom yet! 

My teacher corner is already loaded with papers! But these are all the robotics buttons I got from Bayou Regional this year. 

My all about me poster is showing a little wear because I've used it the past 7 years! 

And of course my teacher "desk" which I never have time to sit at!
I covered my chair which was originally orange. I found this pineapple fabric at Joann's. 

The green screen for my broadcast class is of course one of the brightest things in my room. I've got all this space taken up by the screen, but it's perfect because it hides some storage boxes for me. My room has zero cabinet space like the other rooms in the quad. 
This is a stroke of genius I had to hide an abundance of cords (see below). It's two project boards taped together and covered in Pacon paper. I put the border around it to match the theme and printed out the letters super large. 

Hiding all these cords and MORE!

This is our production table and my teacher storage shelves. 

The labels in the Pina Colada collection are perfect! 

As are the binder covers!

Must have safety glasses for the STEM lab!! 

You can download this poster in this post for FREE here!

 My Mac tables are covered in whiteboard contact paper so it can be written on! 
So I got some fun colored markers and placed them in some supply caddies with some more of the cutouts from the collection. 

I also grabbed some sponges from the Dollar Tree for erasers!

 These are my tools! Since we are building FIRST Tech Robots we need all sorts of tools and stuff! Plus my Journey to STEM Careers course has us using micro-controllers and circuits and whatnot.

You can download an editable file of the pineapple rules HERE. This is a zip file with a PowerPoint.

The peg boards haven't been hung yet (oops) but this is Robotics Corner. You can see the FTC field perimeter ready to be set up when we need it. 

Here you can see my Focus Walls for my three courses. 

I used AG fonts for create the headings and bright pink Pacon paper and borders. The focus wall signs I created and you can grab a copy for FREE - you'll need PowerPoint to open the zipped files. 

I just love the accent cutouts from Schoolgirl Style!! 
You can see the FIRST LEGO League robotics table on the floor there! 
My tables and chairs are foldable this year so we can fold them up and move them out the way and we will have wide open room for robotics building and programming and practicing! 

My STEM Alphabet can be purchased in my TpT Store and you can order your OWN design colors! 

The quote on my back wall is one of my favorites! "In a world where you can be anything, be kind." You can download a free copy for yourself HERE. I've also searched the Internet but I can't find who originally said this quote. If you know, please let me know!!

 The pennant banners are from the pineapple collection, too!
I've always had these Disney quotes in my room and this year I decided to cover my back wall in them! 
Disney is one of my absolute favorite things ever. So I had to make sure to include all things Disney in my classroom. I made these circle quotes that you can grab for FREE HERE!

You also can't really see them but I created some YouTuber quotes as well and hung them above my Macs on the back wall. 

And of course had to use adorable fonts from APL, MJ, GW, Artsy, and more! These are FREE as well!

My Makerspace is also my nerd central. All my teacher nerd collection stuff is up here. As well as colorful pens and markers. 

And my LEGO wall. Just for fun! 
This is my cafe table and another seating option for students. Yes, I'm aware the frame has a stock photo in it. I'm waiting for Carly's Senior pics to come in so I can put one of her there!

I got this drawing done at the local school supply store when Melanie Rabulsky, Schoolgirl Style herself came to visit! I totally fangirled over her! It was amazing!
She is so super sweet and I am in complete awe of her success and creativity! 

New Mug!! 

My motto for the year. 

I printed a smaller version of the pineapple calendar for my wall so I can write on it when things get scheduled. 
My door is my favorite! I've decided to keep it up all year, and add different things to him to celebrate the different times of year. Stay tuned! You can download the WELCOME letters here

That's it! That's my room for the 2018-2019 school year! I'm so excited to be teaching STEM subjects and I am extremely happy with how the bright and fun Pina Colada Pineapple theme turned out! I hope everyone has a great school year! 


  1. Where did you get the pineapple package printed after buying it

  2. Where did you get the pineapple package printed after buying it


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