Sub Tickets FREEBIE! {Tutorial plus Template}

Hi guys! I know it's been forever and a day since I've posted but I'm going to try to be better at that. Posting at least once a month is my goal with freebies at each one!!

Today I'm talking about Sub Tickets.

I'm going to see Hamilton in New Orleans tonight, and I've taken the day off tomorrow. It's all about self-care, right? I am doing something for myself that I will enjoy so that I can de-stress because #testingseason #amiright? Life has been unexpectedly busy these past few months. And by life I mean school. And by busy I mean stressful.

So to help de-stress some, I like to leave a little something for my subs to have a somewhat easy day with my classes. I use these sub tickets.

I leave these for my subs to give to students who are particularly well behaved when I'm out. The kiddos can then give them to me when I return for a special surprise. They get to choose candy, five Paw Points (our school PBIS reward), 10 bonus points for an assignment, or some other prize I may have. This has been extremely helpful and the kids respond very well!

I love putting my Bitmoji on EVERYTHING!!!! The Google Chrome extension works wonderfully for this.
Why yes mine does wear purple unicorn costume at all times.

If you have a Bitmoji, scroll on down to grab the sub ticket template.

If you don't have one then.....
Wait. WHAT? You don't have a Bitmoji? But...but...but....they are PERFECT!! For everything. Download the app right now. Create an account and start designing. There are a ton of tutorials out there to help you out as well. HERE is one on Wikihow and HERE is a video on YouTube.

Got one??

Good! Let's go!
Grab your Sub Template {HERE}.

Then, visit the Google Chrome Web Store and install the Bitmoji extension. It's SUPER simple to do.
 Search for Bitmoji.
 Click "Add to Chrome"
 Click "Add Extension"
And Voila!! You'll be asked to sign in.

It should now appear in your Extensions toolbar. Click on it and this will appear. Your very own Bitmoji with all sorts of sayings and faces and stuff.
You can search for certain things you want your Bitmoji to say or do. For example,
Find what you want, right click on it, and then paste in your template. 

Here is a simple GIF showing you how to do this. It may insert the pic with a border around it. Just remember to change the border color to transparent. 

Again, you can grab the Template copy at this link. If it doesn't work for you, copy and paste the following into your browser:

I hope you like this little freebie! Thanks for reading!

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