Week in Review: Summertime Busyness

Happy Saturday Everyone!

It has been a long and busy week but I hardly feel tired at all! I've seen two movies, did laundry, made a ton of freezer meals (read more about that HERE), wrote some more curriculum, fixed the schedule, did more laundry, and dishes, and learned all about Engineering.

We played with Arduinos and made bulbs light up. We'll be programming next week. Arduinos are a very simple and easy way to get programming and engineering into your classroom. We are working them into our STEM curriculum in the computational thinking and pre-engineering modules. Amazon has one for $15.99!!

Carly and I enjoyed a delicious brunch at Movie Tavern while watching The Incredibles II - it was so good!

Feet up and mimosa ready!

Wednesday I met up with some teacher friends at Superior Grill on Highland and we enjoyed some really good chips and salsa (chips are not low carb, but they were sooooooo good.)
Okay neither is the margarita.....

We are getting a new building at school because we are literally out of space. There is no more room anywhere at our school. This building will hold four classrooms and two locker rooms for our middle school. It was separated into four parts and then moved to our school behind the quad. 

It's getting together. 

Thursday we saw Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and if you haven't been yet you need to go NOW. Such a great movie and I enjoyed every bit of it. There's also an after credits scene that's very brief, but online articles say it hints at the 2021 sequel. 

At the school Board meeting Thursday, lots of important stuff happened. Firstly, we won 3rd place in the Put Your School on the Map campaign from EBR Tech department for having Google Certified educators at our school. We also won a 3D printer. I went to the meeting to accept the award on behalf of Mayfair. 

Also, a raise was approved at the school board meeting. Well not technically a raise, but we used to have this system called "steps" and the steps didn't match your years of experience. So for example if you had 12 years experience you may have been on Step 9 or 10. Well now our steps will match our years. So I guess we are getting a tiny raise. Me, for example, I'll move up to Step 12 and get about $900. I also heard club sponsors might be getting stipends, but that's not confirmed anywhere that I've seen. But it would be awesome!!

I also managed to get some freezer meals done. 
You can read about how I did it and grab yourself a two week plan HERE.

Have a great weekend!!

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