Spring NO PREP Packet!

Apparently the end of the year is busy. Who knew??

We've got roughly 28 days left of school!! This is crazy. That's just not enough time, but at the same time too much!! Lol. We have state testing coming up and that takes FOREVER. Or at least feels like it. 

But never mind all that! It's spring and I've completely revised my Spring Themed No Prep Activity Packet. This packet has 18 ready to go sheets that review grammar, spelling, phonics, and math skills. Super simple to use and can be helpful in kinder, first, and second grades. 

Some of the activities are cut and paste, while others are just pencil and crayons. 

Check out this packet in my store: 

And here's a pinnable image

Hope you can use this! Thanks so much guys! 

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