Spring Break Fun!

So it's been a fabulous and much needed spring break! I'm so excited to share with you what I've been doing this week. And it hasn't been a lot!! Lol!!

So I didn't exactly spend my time doing nothing, but yeah for the most part I did nothing. Primarily because A) I have to save money and B) I was tired.

We started out strong with Easter! Carly got a solid chocolate Darth Vader and 60 Disney Trading pins in prep for our trip in October.

That's a lot of pins!!

We made this delicious dinner found online at Chelsea's Messy Apron. SCRUMPTIOUS! We didn't make the asparagus though. And we had Ohana Bread Pudding for dessert. No pictures because we ate it before we could think about taking pictures. It was that good. 
And mimosas. Because, well, mimosas. 

Are you ready for picture overload???

Monday began with coffee and product work. I finally completed a product I've been working on for like a year. I love finding time to finish things! Check out my Create and Animate unit!

Monday night we went to The 13th Gate Escape and tried out their brand new escape room, Cutthroat Cavern. We did not escape, but it was fun!

I also ate a lot this week. 

I played Disney Emoji Blitz and got a high score!

Drank a lot of coffee.  

Cut out a lot of products for preparation for marketing. 

We planned out our dining for Disney. We have the Deluxe plan this go round and lots of meal credits. 

We also went to Trader Joe's a few times - and it is a happy place.  

I got a shotbox for my product marketing!! 

Updated a bunch of products.  

Started a bunch of products.  

All in all Spring Break was a blast. Now it's back to the real world on Monday. 

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