Sneak Peek Sunday: Week of February 19-23, 2018

Well another busy week is coming up! I've got my observation on Tuesday. I'll be teaching a lesson on Basic Shots and Angles. The good news is I'll get to practice the lesson on Monday with 7A, then get observed with 7B!! Work out all the kinks.

The kids' commercials turned out so good! I'll update to include a link once I get them on YouTube.

This week is pretty straightforward. We start on our rough cuts for PBS. We will be be shooting our B-Roll and recording interviews.

So for my observation lesson, I use the following. HERE is a link to the slideshow I made for basic shots.  

Then in Google Classroom I post this: 
1. Pay attention to the slideshow "Camera Shots, Angles, and Movements". Learn the terms. There will be a quiz. 
2. Practice taking shots with your Broadcast Team
- EACH group member should have the opportunity to practice taking shots. 
- You will have approximately 25-30 minutes to practice shots. 
3. Upload the pictures/film to your shared folder below. If you need help or a cord, let me know. 
4. Create a slideshow talking about your shots using the attached template. CLICK OPEN in the Top Right of this post. 
- CHOOSE TWO of the pictures/film in the folder and create a slideshow using the template attached
- EACH group member will create a slideshow talking about TWO types of shots. 
- Use the pictures your group took to talk about your TWO shots: Name the shot, give a BRIEF description
5. If time: Work with your group to determine which TWO shots you want to share with the class. 
- THE WHOLE GROUP will choose ONLY TWO shots to present to the class. 

I also create a shared folder for the Broadcast Teams to upload their photos and videos, share it with each team member, and attach it to the post in Google Classroom.

My plans are posted HERE.

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