Sneak Peek Sunday: Week of February 15-16, 2018

Happy Mardi Gras Break!!!

This was so me Friday. 

Until I got to the doctor and had to have the wrappings and splint removed. And I had a vasovagal reaction and damn near passed out. 

But here's my arm. 
They made my stand it on my elbow to take an X-Ray and it did NOT feel good :(

Also had this fun turn of events: Our principal always makes half hearts and tapes them all around the school. Then we have to find our match. 

My match was my #teacherbestie Regina!!! Absolutely love this girl!!

So Saturday we took off to Alexandria for the parade and Carly's dentist appointment. My mother has been staying with me (bless her) to help out since being one armed is pretty limiting. She drove us up to A-Town along with Carly's friend Anne-Marie. 

The AMGA Mardi Gras Krewe Parade was this afternoon at 2 pm. I left my Krewe flag at home in BR so we couldn't advertise we were there. We had a great time at the parade, even though my arm started to hurt and we had to leave early. And it was cold!!

Tomorrow Carly gets her wisdom teeth removed and we will be one sorry bunch of people. Me with my arm and Carly with her teeth. Thank God we have three days off. 

HERE are my plans: 

We are still working on our Commercials but they are due this week. Next week we will start again on our rough cuts for PBS. The kids can use iMovie or WeVideo or Kizoa for their final products, but they must be complete with all required parts. 

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