Mardi Gras Break!

Carly didn't enjoy her surgery. Not at all!!

Getting doped.....

And 22 minutes later.....

Apparently she was alert and able to recall what was happening around her. And was fully able to tell me that I ruined her life because of the surgery. Good times with teens. 

I cheated a lot over the Mardi Gras break, but hey, can you blame me? They have this ice cream!!
And King Cake. All the King Cake. It is called FAT Tuesday, after all. 

And fittingly on Fat Tuesday we had family game night. My mom, sister, cousin, aunt, grandmother, dad, cousin in law, niece, and nephew all sat around eating King Cake and playing Spinner Dominoes. So much fun!

Ended the first day of Lent and the first day back, Wednesday, with Shrimp and "grits" and it was YUMMY!!!

Released my newsletter this week, too. Check it out and grab a freebie.

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