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Here's some fabulous information about me for your reading entertainment:

I am an extremely fortunate Digital Arts Instructor at Mayfair Laboratory School in Baton Rouge, LA.

Mayfair Laboratory School is a partnership between University Laboratory School (University High) at LSU and our school with EBR Parish. U-High is the best performing school in the state. Fully Common Core aligned for almost three years, U-High has a successful and measurable program that we at MLS have mirrored almost completely. EBR decided to try out this model in a public, magnet school to determine if it is a viable option for parents and students in our parish. There are two teachers in every K-2 classroom: an instructor who has a master's degree and an associate who holds a bachelor's degree. The 3-5 grades share an associate that is content based. Children benefit from the expertise of two trained and qualified teachers in the classroom each day.

Everyday is a great blessing filled with lots of wonder and excitement for the joy of learning. This is my eleventh year teaching. It is my first year teaching digital arts to sixth graders so I'm a little nervous! I hope to document my progress here and I think I can make it through my first year!

I have a Master of Education in Educational Technology Leadership from Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, LA. I studied Elementary Education at Louisiana State University in Alexandria, LA. I am also a Google Certified Educator and I'm working towards my trainer certification.

My pride and joy is my 15 year old daughter, Carly Summer, who I get inspiration from every day! She is in 10th grade this year and attending St. Joseph's Academy for girls this fall as a sophomore (eeek!!!).
Here we are at the New Orleans Comic Con!

We absolutely love Disney and Marvel (who is actually owned by Disney). Anything from either of those companies are the best!! 

We go to Disney World at least every two years and we currently are planning for next July. 

A bit more randomness about me: 
Christmas is my favorite holiday. 
I love to sew, scrapbook, and bake yummy sweet things!!

I hope you enjoy my posts on here and find some helpful things!

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