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Hey guys!! 

I'm so excited to share this tool with you. I posted on IG earlier this week and was overwhelmed by the response! 

So I've been working on this online "app" for my teachers at my school. I've been making virtual tutorials via video as well as creating Google Docs and Sheets containing anything they might need at their fingertips during back to school mania 2020-2021. 

You can see an example of this activity at this LINK

So here is a quick tutorial on how I made this! 

First, I start in PowerPoint and create the hexagonal buttons with cute fonts. Then I save each of those as a picture in a file folder on my computer (you can see how I do this in my video below). 

Then I add each picture I created to my Google Slide Deck I've made. 

Once you've got your slide designed, you have to start linking your tutorials, videos, and documents. First, select the picture you want to link. 

Then, click the link button on the menu (or press CTRL+K). 
Paste the link to the document, website, or video. 

And click apply. That's it! 

Lastly, all you'll want to do is make sure anything that you don't link to an outside resource, like the title, is linked back to the slide that it's on. If its on Slide 1, link it to slide 1. 

Watch this video for a more thorough walk-through of this tutorial!

Grab your FREE template HERE. Also, I've linked a ZIPPED copy of my PowerPoint template I made for this online app. Grab it HERE. I've included what font names I used, so you may have to purchase and download them if you want yours to look like mine!

Thanks and Happy Teaching! 

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