Sneak Peek Sunday: January 22-26, 2018

OMG it has been the worst week in the world. It started off fine, just like any other Louisiana January Day - Sunday highs in the upper seventies, bright clear skies; Monday was slightly cooler and windier, clouds and rain rolled in Tuesday. Then all hell broke loose. 

First we had snow. Friggin snow. In Louisiana!!!!! 

Next school was canceled. 


So yeah like Chip had to go outside. And I went outside with him and he took off one way and I stepped on the wrong spot and down I went. He felt awful. Very, very awful when I came back from urgent care (which driving in snow and ice isn't fun) with a sling, he was very sad. 
Sad Chip. 

 I even gave him a bone and he wouldn't eat it!!! 

Yeah. That's been my week. Pain meds and lots of not moving my arm. We just don't have the capability of dealing with snow down here. Salt, sand, chains, and whatever else is needed isn't readily available. 

But hey, we persevere and move on with life. My week will consist of going to the bone and joint clinic, CT scans, more X-rays, and lots of rest I imagine. But still, school must go on so here are my plans!

Needless to say I'm not actually going to school, but I've been making screencasts for my kiddos.

I've already passed out jobs for broadcast teams before school was canceled last week. 
So the kids should be working well. The screencasts I'm doing cover how to pitch a story and plan your shooting schedule. The pitch sheets are due to our producer at PBS Student Reporting Labs on Friday. 

Grab these plans here.

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