Sneak Peek Sunday: August 14-18, 2017

Hi guys! I can't believe how fast summer went by. I had so many plans and alas, only accomplished a few. But I did rest up and I'm ready for this year!

Ready to also launch my Sneak Peek Sunday again! I know I've been slacking for quite some time, but new year new me, right??

 Let's get started!

This is our first full week and I'm excited to introduce my new sixth grade students to all that Google has to offer!

Here's what's up:
We've got a new A/B Day schedule which means I teach for longer and I see the same kids only every other day. It's interesting....

I'm also EXTREMELY lucky to work at a school that gives me so much planning time. Good thing too because I'm also kind of in charge of most all technology at the school and making sure it works!! Well, that which I can make work that is.  Takes up a chunk of time, too. 

And I also get to teach Study Skills to 7th grade this year. That's interesting, too because I never had it as a student and I sorta developed my own way of doing things and I'm pretty sure they are not the right (or best) way of doing things.....

So I found this amazing product on Teachers Pay Teachers!! Of course!!
It's by Pathway 2 Success and this bundle has a TON of helpful stuff. It's been fabulous because it includes a pacing guide and everything I need to teach Study Skills. 

Check it out HERE.

With 6th grade I get to teach my Google Bootcamp! I've had to combine some lessons because 85 minutes is a big jump from the 45 I had last year. So I'll be doing about 2 lessons a day. 

We start with Gmail because that's how we communicate with the kids, especially through Classroom updates. 

So my Are you an Email Engineer? slide deck helps the kids to begin exploring and customizing their inbox. We also explore how to search Google effectively and efficiently as well as how to use our Google Drive. 
The fun comes when we start Google Drawings!!! 
 Their assignment is to create a puzzle piece using what they've learned during the lesson to describe themselves. During the lesson I tell them how to use the Explore tool to find pics and gifs.

I put the instructions in Google Classroom for the kids to follow after I teach.
 Here's one of my kiddos from last year.

I print out the pieces when they are finished, we cut and tape together for a nice wall hanging for the beginning of school. We all fit together!!

Well that's it for this Sunday!! Make sure to grab all my freebies at the following link: 

Thanks for reading!

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