Thoughts on Thursday! A Monthly Linky {Go Noodle}

Hello again fabulous friends on the Internet! I am so happy to once again bring you a giveaway as part of my new blog launch!
I am also so excited to introduce a new monthly linky my fantastic friend Krisit over at Pelicans and Pipsqueaks and I are bringing to you this year. 
I met Kristi two years ago at a local teaching conference and we have become such good friends since then! 
We will just be chatting with you about some of our thoughts on different things. It won't always be about school related stuff, sometimes just random musings!

This month, we bring you our Thoughts on GoNoodle!


And it's not just because I am a GoNoodle Ambassador for Louisiana. 

This free, online program has helped to bring many brain breaks to my kiddos throughout the year. You ever have that kid (or kids) that just you can tell is about to lose his or her concentration and just needs to get it all out?!?!?
Yes, I think we all have experienced that (even with ourselves!). 
GoNoodle gets those kiddos up and moving with short, focused brain breaks. 
They have everything from high, intensive workouts to calming yoga and stretching. The breaks last about 1 minute to 20 minute Indoor Recesses!
Yep. On all those rainy days when the kiddos are cooped up without access to a playground they can jump and stretch and move in place and get those wiggles out. 

And apparently it works well on Snow Days - though I am unfamiliar with this word "snow" since the coldest it gets here is like 50 degrees so I guess it's like rain days but colder.
Hey Hot Dog!

Anyhoo, GoNoodle has been a classroom staple in my classroom for years. We are always taking brain breaks and making sure our brains are recharged and ready to keep on learning. 

The kids are always much more focused after we take our breaks that they participate more and pay better attention. 

 It is great in between tests on Fridays! Or right before a test to calm and focus.

This is how we Pop See Ko!

If you would like to learn more, check out my presentation found HERE or visit
to sign up for free and get your body moving!

That's it for today's Thoughts on Thursday. Make sure to enter the rafflecopter below for a chance to win some Go Noodle swag!
You'll get some pencils and stickers, a lanyard, a My class is a Dance Party t-shirt, and an awesome GoNoodle bag!

We are happy to bring you this collaboration and link up and hope you will join us this fall. Here is a list of dates and topics: 

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