How a Teacher Keeps Busy When Unexpectedly Off for Three Weeks

I have now been out of school for 11 days. We have another 5 this week before we return September 6th. I know a lot of you don't start school until this time anyway, but here in Louisiana we start in August and normally I would be prepping for the third week of school tonight. But I'm not. It is tough to sit around and do nothing after you have already gotten back into the swing of things. Needless to say, I've been going out of mind.

So what does one do when they are on extended unplanned break from school?



I've made cookies for Mrs. Robinson, one of our first grade teachers, lost everything in the flood and I baked her some rainbows. She loves my cookies and I just wanted to do something special for her!
I've also tried out some new recipes. Like this chicken bacon ranch braid. Delicious.


Who says you can't have fun while training? 

Eating while training is essential. 

Knocked out the Ethics training, which channeled not only Game of Thrones, but also Super Mario Brothers.


Coffee of course!!


Everything and anything. I've eaten my house. It needs to stop.


I've made adorable benchmark training manuals for the teachers at school. And some brag tags.


NCIS. There's 13 seasons now. And they don't get old so I can replay them and still love them.


Carly and I invented a game called Pineapple Go. You search for pineapples everywhere you go and Snapchat them when you find one using #pineapplego. And yes it's as complicated as it sounds.


On the Gulf Coast we take these here invests seriously and begin to track them when they are still just waves coming off of Africa. You literally cannot be too careful.  But it looks to be going to Florida so lots of prayers to you!!

I go back to school as a teacher Thursday, so things will start to get back to normal!! Thanks for reading!

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