Mixing the Punchbowl!

Hi guys! How's your summer going? Mine has started off with a bang and hasn't stopped.

I'm linking up today with The Primary Punchbowl to share my classroom move this coming fall. Many members of the Punchbowl are changing up jobs this year. Elisabeth from Literacy and Lattes wrote a great anchor post HERE so check it out.

Well my principal had been asking me since October if I would take the Video Production job at my school. My master's is in educational technology so it is my dream to eventually teach technology or coordinate technology somewhere. I put it off and put it off and kept telling myself
"There's no place like first, there's no place like first!"
"I can't add past 30!"
"I'm so comfortable here!"
"I don't know anything about Video Production!" 
"Sixth graders are so big!" 
"What do you mean they don't like stickers?"

Sooooooo.....I thought and prayed and thought and prayed and made Pros and Cons Lists and talked to everyone and finally..........................I decided.
Yep. I'm taking the plunge. Or the climb. Or whatever. So now my mind is saying things like 

"What am I supposed to do with my 6,789,234,564 books?"

"Surely 6th graders love Fly Guy, right?"

"Can I keep all my stuffed animals?"

"Who has a Video Production?Media Literacy Curriculum I can use?"

"What if I break the equipment? What if they break the equipment?"

"What if they don't get as excited about glitter as I do?"


Whew. It's a lot. And I've only answered a few of those questions. I will have to write my curriculum from scratch seeing as I can't seem to find what I'm looking for. 

I've found a few sites to help me and support me while I'm learning. But for the most part, it will be coming from my own brain. And it's not just sixth grade. We plan on adding 7th and 8th by 2019. So this curriculum will have to span three years and build upon one another. 

Here's my beginning: 
Click to Download a Copy
I will start small, just teaching about digital citizenship and Google and learning the equipment. Then we will slowly move onto a grander scale! I've got a vision - we shall see!

But I will still be working on products and ideas for ALL grades. I've got a list of things for primary that I've never gotten to so I need to keep on creating!

 I need to know this! I won't really be giving homework in my class so no homework passes are out. I've usually collected McDonald's toys and the like for my treat box but I'm pretty sure that 6th graders won't want a Hello Kitty plastic toy that stamps hearts. Please let me know!

So, any advice for me? What's stuff I need to know or do? My daughter tells me that I need to stay up in the know on Internet memes (9 + 10 = 21?? Really??) so apparently I'll be browsing Tumblr. A lot. 

Are you changing it up? Link up to share your move, too!

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