Sneak Peek Sunday {Lesson Plans April 25-29, 2016}

Well, it's that time of year. Spring State Testing. While first grade doesn't test, we do have three testing grades at my school so the whole place will be under lock down each day. So we tend to keep to our little corner of the school during this week, or we just leave school altogether! For example, we have our field trip to the Strawberry Farm!

Here are my plans for the week.

This week will be super fun! We are going on a field trip, starting measurement, reading about insects, talking about emotions, and writing all types of sentences!

Our ELA skills focus on: 
classifying and categorizing emotions
changing y to i, adding er, est
author's purpose
types of sentences

In small groups, I've got some fun activities for each level group. 
In centers and small groups we will be doing some simple print and go centers: 

Our math skills: 
measuring with standard and nonstandard units
We begin our Unit 11 Measurement unit
Unit 11 Measurement available in my store

finishing up our plants unit!

The strawberry farm is always so fun! We get to pick our own strawberries and play around the patch. When we get back, we will be doing our Strawberry Mobiles. 

Grab all these FREEBIES (except math) {{HERE}}!

Have a great week!

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