Sneak Peek Sunday! {Lesson Plans April 18-22, 2016}

Happy Sunday guys! My weekend has flown by! Are you ready for Sneak Peek Sunday? Lots going on this week!

Here is a peek at my week: 

So we are doing some comparing and contrasting, figurative language, and exclamations!
In Science we are still working on plants in preparation for our field trip next Tuesday to the Strawberry farm. 

In small groups we will be looking at inflectional endings and the sounds of -ed. 

Some centers this week include: 

Last week, we read the book Gregory the Terrible Eater and LOVED it! I made an entire unit based on the book back in my student teaching days and it's stuck with me. I've since digitized it and you can download it HERE. Keep in mind though, that it's not all updated and cutesy-I made it before I really got into TpT. 

All of the above activities are FREE for you to download {{HERE}}!

And this little task card set from my Spring Math and Literacy centers bundle. 
And Jelly Bean Word Sort!

Click to see this bundle on TpT
We will also be doing some Interactive Notebook (INB) activities from Lesson 26. 
Lesson 26 Notebook

The kids have been using Google Chrome and Classroom for a while now, and they've been getting pretty good at it! They are using Google Classroom to complete most activities on the computer.

Here is the {Hyperdoc} that I've created for the lesson. Please check it out, but know that you won't be able to view your responses on the True/False Form.
Don't know what a Hyperdoc is? It's like a fancy digital worksheet that the students click through to complete different activities. 

I know I haven't blogged a lot on this topic, but it's coming! I'm trying to get through the school year. 25 days left!

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