Happy St. Patrick's Day! Face painting, parading, and Math!

We had a GREAT St. Patrick's Day!! We started the day with Face Painting! The second grade class was raising money for their field trip to the Aquarium in New Orleans. Our Second Grade teachers are amazing! Look at that talent!

The kinders put on a Geaux Green parade in the afternoon and we were well into the spirit! 

How precious are they ?!?!?!?

A Leprechaun visited our classroom and lost his pot of gold! So we had to solve some two digit addition problems to help him find it! Each child walked in to find Lucky the Leprechaun had left them a shamrock with a number. 
Of course we pulled out our handy 120 board and set to work. 

Solving these problems with number bonds, adding 10s, drawing quick tens - all the ways we have been practicing. When we got to answer, whoever had the correctly numbered shamrock got to place it on the board. They loved it! Here are some pics: 

Yay! He made it!! 

Like this game? Click {HERE} for a free copy :)
Also in this packet is a center game "Little Lucky Hats" helping to work on checking subtraction with addition and vice versa. 

How do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day? Happy teaching!

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