FREEBIE Time!! Spelling Task Cards to help #colorizeyourclassroom

March has so far been very wet for us here in Louisiana. But that has given me plenty of time to work on some amazing additions for my classroom! My firsties are working hard on becoming second graders and as this school year quickly passes us by they let me know how ready and eager they are to learn and be better. Love them!!

My latest addition is to shake up my Building Words/Spelling Words/Word Work/Working with Words center. Task cards!

Ok, so this isn't a new idea but it's new in my classroom this year! And I do it a little differently, with Astrobrights paper to help!

Astrobrights by Neenah cut into 3x5 cards. 
Avery 2x4 shipping labels. 

Astrobrights cardstock is amazing because it a great thickness and doesn't fade. Avery labels are just the best thing ever. I print out the task cards on the 2x4 labels and stick one on each 3x5 Astrobrights card.

I use an index card holder to store the cards. I have multiple copies of each task card so the kids can choose to work on the same task if they so choose. 

I store the task sheets in clasp envelopes and the number on the card tells the student which task sheet to use. 

Cover sheets for clasp envelopes

I also have the task cards with fun, colorful borders as well if you don't want to use labels and cardstock. 

So if you like this idea, click {HERE} for your freebie :)

{HERE} is a sampling of my labels task cards from my larger collection to stick on cardstock. 

Thanks and Happy Teaching!!!

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  1. This is fantastic! A great addition for my first class this year.


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