I got my toes in the water, toes in the sand....

So I went to the beach last weekend and it was amazing!!!! Had so much fun. Totally need to go back and do it all over again. The one drawback - it was a little cold.

I was inspired to create some beach themed activities in anticipation of summer!! I am so over this cold. I came back rested and ready to tackle the last 9 weeks of school. We've been working on alphabetical order and making contractions in ELA. We've also been focusing on adding tens and ones and really tackling odd and even numbers. In math workshop I try to keep things fresh by making new games. I usually start by introducing the game whole group and then placing it in a center rotation. Same thing with Literacy Workshop. It's always good to have the children reviewing skills we've learned throughout the year.

My new little bundle includes the following:

- an addition with and without regrouping game, manipulatives, and tens and ones workmat
- an odd and even flip flop game
- Beach words ABC order activity
- Contractions with not matching game
- Mystery picture using tens and ones addition problems

Here are some pics:

Each activity comes with a recording page for accountability. Sandy Sums is geared towards the Story of Units curriculum but I've included manipulatives for students to use to help add the teen numbers.

I can't wait to introduce these games to my firsties next week!! This is designed for use with first graders, but can easily be adapted for use in kindergarten or second grade.

Let's Go Surfin now.....with this bundle!!!

Another simple little unit can be found right here: Pete the Cat at the Beach!

This is a little sequencing unit that can easily fit into any reading curriculum.

I hope you can use this unit!! Enjoy!!   


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