We're off to see the Wizard....of Fact Fluency!!!

So I've been trying super hard to get my firsties fluent in basic facts.
A big part of first grade is becoming fluent with basic facts. This new little packet has two tests for each fact, 0's through 12's.

I LOVE the Wizard of Oz!! In fact my classroom theme will be Oz next year. Soooo excited!!! So I made this little packet and have been testing my kiddos. 
This set includes 12 sets of two fact tests, 12 sets of flash cards, 12 mastery certificates, and a mastery recording page. I give each child a set of flash cards, printed front and back on cardstock, hole-punched with a binder ring to study before taking the test. 

I put a set of flashcards and extra copies of the A test in a math center for practice with basic facts during math block. They can quiz and time their buddies for extra practice. 

For the first A set, all problems are written with the fact currently being tested first (e.g. 1+6, 1+8). The second B set, the facts are written both ways (e.g. 6+1, 1+8, 7+1). I start with A and once they can answer correctly all 26 questions in two minutes or less I give them the B set. Same rules apply - 2 minutes or less correctly. Then I give them the next set of flash cards and a certificate.

I've also included a mastery page for teachers to keep record.
They get to add their name to our Yellow Brick Road of Mastered Fact Fluency (I cut out yellow "bricks" from construction paper and they write their name and the fact that they mastered and we put the brick on a wall!)

Follow the Yellow Brick Road to find this little packet!!

Hope you can use this!!


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