Pretzel Place Value

Pretzel Place Value!!

We have been working hard on Engage NY: A Story of Units Module 4 - place value with tens and ones. I thought I would make it a little more fun by adding snacks!! Food always sparks more interest. We are using pretzel sticks as tens and marshmallows as ones. The kids love it!! So I've created a little lesson plan and center activity. Here are some pics:

Here is what is included: 
Pretzel rods and marshmallow cards
Standard form number cards
Place value number cards
Whole group number cards
Recording pages: 3 styles from which to choose
2 center name cards: one including using pretzels and marshmallows in the center and one without
Place value mat
Ideas for teaching, using in lessons, and/or centers
Pretzel Problem Solving Booklet
Challenge activity - use Cheese Nip crackers as hundreds!

Pretzel Place Value
Have fun with this one!!


PS Louisiana is "adopting" Eureka Math which is a new fancy name for Engage NY: A Story of Units. It's the exact same thing, just a new name. 

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