Week in Review: Clubs and Disney and Work, Oh My

This third week of school was super long, as have been every week of School and literally all of August. WHEN WILL THIS MONTH END???? We still have three days of it next week. 😩😩😩

But we did manage to get a lot of things done! First up, THE DISNEY TRIP HAS BEEN APPROVED!! 

I am so beyond excited. This trip has been postponed since May of 2020 (Thanks, Covid). But this year we are going, come hell or high water or zombie apocalypse. We will be participating in the Walt Disney World Imagination Campus. I'll be taking 4th and 5th graders to experience Immersive Storytelling (hopefully) and get hands on learning about the arts in action. We'll be going over Mardi Gras Break and during the Festival of the Arts so that's super exciting. I'll be blogging all about the process and experience so stay tuned! 

Secondly, we got club letters out. At our school, every afternoon from 2:45-3:15 our 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders are in clubs such as orchestra, Speed Stacks, news broadcast, dance troupe, and more! The Arts teachers host the clubs. It's also intervention time for students who need it and for grades K-2. My club is WBRC - our news station. This is the first year we will having clubs in the afternoon. In the past it would be in the morning for about 40 minutes and then I'd have all day to edit the show together. So there's many obstacles to overcome in regards to how I'm going to have the kiddos script, practice, film, gather b-roll in just 30 minutes each day. But we shall see. I'm also starting an after school robotics club for K-5 for about 10 weeks which will be fun! 

And thirdly, I finally got Internet back on in my office!!! It only took two weeks. Which may not seem like a long time but it was pretty much infinity since I'm the tech person and the assessment coordinator so everything I do is online. It's not been fun at all. 

Behind the scenes in my personal life, Carly Summer started her final semester as a College student. 

I made her a sign and I packed her lunch for the first day because I'm that extra. It's so exciting that she'll be graduating in December! 

Also personally, I've found this premium alcohol seltzer, Press, and I love it! Press is a woman owned company started by a Wisconsin mother of two who started experimenting in her kitchen. There are lots of flavors but my favorite is Pomegranate Ginger. 

It has been raining and storming literally every day for as long as I can remember. Well, of this summer at least. Lilo does NOT like storms so she retreats to the hallway corner and hides. If I'm in my room its the closet for her. Poor thing. 

It was Mexican week and I thoroughly enjoyed my Mason jar taco salads for lunch! 

We also had Tamale bowls, chicken tortilla soup, and chicken enchiladas. 

Have a great weekend!

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