May the FOURTH Be With You! And your new Quarantine Buddy Freebie!

Happy May to All!!

Over the past few weeks I never thought we would get here. It has been a LOOOOOOOONG time since I've seen my kids or the inside of my classroom. This are strange times we are living in.

HOWEVER!! I will not let that deter me from celebrating Star Wars Day!! May 4th has always been a fun day that I've brought into my classroom for many years. I always wear some Star Wars gear, my Darth Vader mouse ears, and this year I was going to bring my Lightsaber from Galaxy's Edge.

So I am sharing with you my Quarantine Buddy I've made! He is based on the famous Child from the new Mandalorian series on Disney+. I wanted to create a buddy to help show off some of the activities, pictures, writing, work, etc. that students are doing during the quarantine.

He is easy to make and only requires a few materials.

I've also made several journal pages for kiddos and families to use to document their days or weeks.

He is made of green and brown construction paper, and has two clothespins under his little hands to hold on to whatever it is you want to display. You could use it to display pictures, artwork, calendars, writing, newspaper clippings, etc. So many ideas! 

The second freebie I have for you (yes, SECOND FREEBIE!) is a staple I've been using in my classroom for as long as I can remember. It is "What is your Star Wars name?"

Students fill in the blanks with their first name, last name, favorite color, and street name and come up with their Star Wars Universe Name (of course make sure to understand not to share those kid details on social media please!)

Mine is Vicje Pijul. And my lightsaber color is Purple. Because they don't make pink. YET. 

You can grab your free Star Wars Name printable {HERE}. 

AND because we are living in a digital world and I am a digital girl, HERE is a DIGITAL COPY!!!!!!

Just click the link, make a copy, and send out to your kiddos via some Google Platform such as Google Classroom. Make sure to choose "Make a Copy for Each Student." And it will also work on Microsoft Teams (if you download the Google Slides as a PowerPoint.  And you can find it on Seesaw, preloaded, by clicking HERE. Students can use the Seesaw tools to type their answers and then circle the letters and their color lightsaber. 

Make sure to snap pictures of your completed buddy and share so I can see how you've done! And I hope you and your kiddos enjoy the Star Wars Name activity! 

May the Fourth Be With You!!

Sending you all the air hugs and kisses. 

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  1. It's not allowing my students to type on the digital copy, even though I chose "Make a copy" for Google Classroom.


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