Sunday Storytime via Zoom!

Hello everyone!! How are y'all doing in the era of COVID-19? If you are like me, you are trying to think of ways to keep sane whilst worrying about your friends, family, and kiddos from school.

Well, tonight I did our first Sunday Storytime!

I invited all the kiddos in first grade to join me for a live reading of The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash. I LOVE THIS BOOK!! I've been reading it to kids ever since I can remember. And I would always use it for cause and effect teaching and dialogue. The entire book is written with the dialogue between the little girl and her mom. 

Chip was just as excited as I was to read the book and see the kids, as you can plainly see.  

Zoom seems to be the way to go lately. It was super easy to set up, and schedule for the meeting. I sent the join link out via ClassTag on Friday and requested RSVPs. I had about 12 kiddos say they were going to join. I linked instructions on how to set up Zoom for the meeting either via smartphones or computers. Right before the call at 6 pm, I signed on to zoom. One of my kiddos was already there! We had a little issue with the audio, but after everyone got connected and gave their computers permission for microphone and audio, we were good to go!

It went wonderfully well! I loved seeing their smiling faces and hearing what they did this past week. I think they enjoyed the book, but were more excited about seeing each other!!

I posted the book in Google Classroom, along with a simple Cause and Effect activity the kids could complete, if they so choose.

I included a simple anchor chart.

And then a cause and effect matching page. 

With a space for students to write about what would happen if they took their imaginary pet to a farm. 

Download this freebie right HERE!

I've also created this online activity (it's the cut and paste, just in Google Slides). 

Click HERE to play!
Or HERE for an editable copy. 

At the end of the slideshow, there is a link to a reading comprehension check on a short nonfiction passage about boa constrictors.

On the slide of the editable slideshow, in the notes section, you can grab an editable copy of the Google Form.

If you'd like to offer this to your kiddos, I found a few read alouds of the book online:

Well that's all I've got this evening. I hope everyone is social distancing and doing the best they can through this.

Happy Teaching!


  1. Thank you again for the great activity! I so appreciate your time and energy creating these! Missy Snyder

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