This year is a PIECE OF CAKE!

Hello friends! I wanted to share a quick and easy gift idea for your favorite teachers or even friends!

Have you ever heard of 3-2-1 cake? So simple and easy to make. You take a box of cake mix, any flavor, and a box of Angel Food cake mix (has to be Angel Food!!).

You dump both boxes in a large ziploc bag, close it, and mix it together really well. That's it. When you want a piece of cake, you take 3 tablespoons of the mix and place in a mug. Then mix in 2 tablespoons of water and microwave for 1 minute. Bing, Bang, Boom you've got a 3-2-1 cake!! So simple and delicious.

My favorite is red velvet. Though we have made chocolate cake before and dropped a dollop of peanut butter in the batter before microwaving. You can also make single serving frosting using 2 tablespoons butter, 2-3 tablespoons powdered sugar, and 1 teaspoon of milk.

So I found these adorable jars at Walmart in the Christmas section up front. You know, the area where they have all the boxed gift sets and cookie cutters and candy-stuff like that. Not the area near the garden with the trees and ornaments. Anyway, it had a cookie cutter tied to it with a ribbon but the jar was precious! I kept the cutter for another time.

I mixed up a red velvet 3-2-1 cake mix and filled the jar. Tied a Tablespoon to the jar in place of the cutter (found tablespoon at Dollar Tree!). Also found a mug at the Dollar Tree that would make a great addition to the cake mix.

I made these "Piece of Cake" tags to give out to teachers. Just look how cute it turned out!

Grab your own set of Piece of Cake tags HERE.

Happy holidays!

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