Balancing Equations Interactive Math Notebook!

Understanding the equal sign is a major skill in developing young mathematicians. It helps to cement the idea of one side balancing the other side. Students need this skill in order to understand larger algebraic ideas later in education.

I always loved teaching this unit in first grade!! We used all sorts of models and props and food and fun during this time. It was especially exciting because it always fell during Fall! We used pumpkins, candy corn, leaves, pilgrim hats, feathers-anything I could find at Dollar Tree or the Target Dollar Spot.

It wasn't until I started using interactive notebooks in my classroom that engagement really went up! And I've finally gotten around to posting these in my store!

Take a look at some of the activities!

Everything is in black and white so you can save colored ink! You can also print out on BRIGHT paper!

Just look at that adorable Fall clipart!!

Subtraction fact balancing is a bit of a difficult and abstract concept to understand. I included picture models to help students to create their own facts.
Determining if facts are true or false is also very important. With this activity, students can sort the facts, and then correct the ones that are false. 

You can grab this math interactive notebook in my TpT store today!
Grab it HERE!

Happy Teaching!

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