Sneak Peek Sunday: January 4-5, 2018

Happy New Year!!

So we've made it to 2018. And it's been a fabulous, carb filled holiday break. 

I've made some resolutions: 
I think I can do all of those things. Starting with the bacon. Lots of eggs and bacon in my future. 
I may have eaten the bacon while cooking the eggs.....oops.....

Disney is on the calendar for Carly's 18th birthday in October. I'm working on Shelly Ree's TpT Focused Success course!! I'm going to attempt to include more stuff in my blog posts and post more often (though that one may take a while!). And the pants thing - I'm going to try to not be as tired and lazy as I have been. We shall see.....

We are launching our SRL this week, and beginning to learn all about professional Journalism. Remember when we were chosen for PBS and our producer visited??

We had a full house!! 

Download plans HERE.

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