Sneak Peek Sunday: October 23-27, 2017

This week we are practicing for our formal interviews. The students will work with a partner to develop a set of interview questions. We will then practice in front of the green screen. 

Deciding between facts and opinions is a very important part of journalism. I have to make sure the students understand that the media must present an unbiased view of news. In light of the recent "Fake News" epidemic, it is even more vital that our youth are informed on best practices with the news. We will work on keeping our facts straight, while presenting an unbiased view of our topics. 

The students will begin writing their news reports for filming next week. We must have complete scripts, shot plans, and pitches before we begin filming so we know what to do, rather than winging it. I try to stress how important it is for students to plan things, all things, especially while in school. 

Check out my plans HERE.

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