Thoughts on Thursday: Things Teachers Love!!

Hello!! Welcome to another Thoughts on Thursday! Thank you for joining Kristi (from Pelicans & Pipsqueaks) and I this month!

Thoughts on Thursday is our monthly linky where we share our thoughts on various topics. This month we are talking about all things we love!

Let's begin!

Teachers love knowing all the things. Okay so we don't really know all the things, but we know a lot of the things. We know more than the average Joe and we love teaching others about the things we do know!!

We also LOVE everything from Target. Everything. All of it. My paycheck goes there. 

I mean, just look at my fabulous find here. Look at it!

And where would we teachers be without our LOVE of caffeine? For some of us it's tea. Others drink coke or other forms of carbonation. Me, my choice is COFFEE.
I. Love. Coffee. All day, every day, all hours of the day. 

Did I mention memes? I think teachers love memes. I posted some teaching related memes in the sixth grade hallway this year. Hilarious!! 

I think teachers also love their planning books. Whether it's calendars or life planners or plan books, we love adorably functional, undeniably aesthetic, and incredibly useful planners.

Here's a look at mine: 

I've written a previous post about how I plan using my planner.

And finally, teachers LOVE TEACHING!!! We seriously do. Our days are filled with laughter and love and learning and hugs and we do our part for the future. 

And because I love teachers so much, I'm giving away my all new updated lesson planner for 2017-2018. I've updated it to include February 2017 to July 2018!! 

To enter, all you need to do is visit my Instagram or Facebook post and leave your email and tell me one thing you LOVE!! 

Well that's it for this month's thoughts! Please check out the other fabulous bloggers in the links below. 

Join us next month for our Thoughts on Thursday: Book Recommendations!

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