Happy Birthday to The Primary Punchbowl! #LetsCelebrate

Oh my goodness you guys! I cannot believe that my Punchie buddies and I have been blogging together for a whole year! The Primary Punchbowl is turning 1!

It is so exciting to share our celebration with you. I am so incredibly fortunate to know each and every one of the amazing Punchbowl ladies. They inspire me all the time and I am always in constant awe of the fabulous-ness of their lives!

So in honor of our celebration we are giving you cause for celebration as well with TpT stores on sale, a blog hop to gather some freebies, AND a rafflecopter to enter for a chance to win some more goodies!

My entire store is on sale for 20% for three days. Enjoy!

How do you celebrate exciting things in the classroom? I love to give kiddos a special treat such as line leader for the day or a giant pixi stik or a bag of candy loot. They love just to have happy birthday sung to them by the whole class! It's a policy of the school that we don't do cupcakes or actual parties so acknowledging them first thing in the morning makes for a great big smile on some faces!!

I used to give the birthday boy or girl a sticker "ribbon" to wear all day but you know stickers, they get un-sticky after being put on shirts, sweatshirts, pants, taken off, placed on books and binders, etc. and they were getting a little expensive at my local teacher store. I've also tried brag tags and birthday bags and birthday buttons. But I thought I'd try something different.

So I made some Birthday Bracelets!

So simple. I just print them out and tape them around a little wrist. They are perfect for helping to make a child's day a little more special! These are wider than most paper bracelets - they remind me of slap bracelets! I will print them out on card stock, cut apart, and keep them on hand for birthday days!

So here's your freebie! It's the Birthday Bracelets - but they're EDITABLE! And black and white! The black and white ones not only save ink, but could be given to the special kiddo so they can color it in and make it theirs! Maybe print out a blank one and they can write their own name, too!

Click {HERE} to make a copy for your Google Drive so you can start editing and making it your own. You will need to be signed in to your Google account (it's free!) to access and edit it.

Thank you so much for celebrating with us!

Hop on over to visit Elisabeth at Literacy and Lattes to continue this fabulous celebration! Make sure to visit the Punchbowl to enter the Rafflecopter and Happy Celebrating!

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