Weekly Summer Link Up: Why I Started Blogging

Hi y'all! I am so glad to be back to linking up with Miss Monica at I Heart Grade 3 for the Weekly Summer Linkup!

This week's topic: 
The reason I began blogging on an October night two years ago is simple: I love journaling and writing. I used to keep a paper notebook journal writing about anything and everything. My blog is a way to document my ideas and keep up with what I've been doing in my classroom and life. 

I always give my blog link to my classroom parents so that they can keep up with what's going on, too. I post freebies all the time and some of my littles tell me their parents have downloaded and printed out the freebies and they done them at home! They love it! I always make sure to get permission (for each social media outlet I use) for videos and pictures from each parent to share what we do on the web. 

If you would like a free copy of this form for yourself, click {HERE}.

I also love sharing my ideas!! Blogging has since become so much more than my own personal log. I have made some new friends and connected on a more professional level with teachers around the country. It has been so much fun reading through other teaching blogs and learning about all the amazing things my colleagues are up to. I hope that somewhere some of my ideas have inspired others to create and share as well. 

I also hope to continue this journey for many more years. 

Well that's it for today! Short and sweet :) Have a great week!

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