I love Pinterest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think it is the most amazing invention ever created for teachers. So many wonderful teachers out there sharing ideas. I go a little crazy at least once a day on Pinterest. Here is a link to my favorite board where I try to pin everything I can for my classroom. Fun in First!

The first grade team at Mayfair Lab School teaches in Thematic Units. We have created Criterion Referenced Learning Guides for 8 separate units that span the school year. Sorry :( I can't share the CRLGs with you, BUT I have a Pinterest board for each unit!!! Granted, this is the first year we are teaching these units, so the boards are a work in progress. I'm hoping to find a lot more ideas throughout the year!!!

Here's a link to all my boards: Jessica's Outstanding Collection of Pinterest Boards
I by no means think I've got the most interesting collection on the web, so please feel free to share with me!! Thanks!!!

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